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Dental Virtual Assistants

Staffing and managing the administration needs of a dental practice can be overwhelming. Let our virtual dental administration team provide the perfect administrative staffing solution for billing, reception, insurance, lead follow up and more so your practice can get back to focusing on what’s most important…patient care.

DentVia’s virtual dental assistants specialize in administrative support for dentists across the United States. When you partner with us, you can trust that your clients and practice are in good hands.

Dental Virtual Assistants To Scale Your Practice

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We understand that patient satisfaction and practice growth are crucial to success in the dental industry. We’ll work with you to optimize your practice operations and drive growth, while ensuring that every patient receives personalized and professional support.

Our advanced HIPAA secure technology and expertise enable us to seamlessly manage your inbound calls, take messages, and route them as needed to ensure smooth operations. You can trust us to provide reliable and seamless support for all your administrative needs.

With DentVia by your side, you can feel confident that your practice is in good hands.

Increased Profitability

Our virtual dental assistants specialize in revenue cycle management, insurance claims, lead generation follow-up, and scheduling, helping you capture more patients, streamline your practice operations and boost profitability.

Industry Advantage

Many dental practices struggle to stand out. With DentVia you’ll gain a clear advantage. With our specialized virtual dental services you’ll gain a stronger reputation operate at maximum efficiency in a way your competitors simply can’t.

Peace of Mind

Our HIPAA secure dental administrators value your patient relationships and data privacy. We’ll protect sensitive information and support your practice with personalized, professional patient experiences.

Virtual Dental Administrative Professionals

Services We Provide

Our virtual dental assistants have been thoroughly vetted, trained, and assessed in a six-week dental-specific training program uniquely developed by our founders. After our virtual team completes their training, they are placed with partner offices to gain real-world experience working with patients and dental practices for two months before assigned to a practice like your own.

Here are just a few of the tasks that our Virtual Dental Administrators can handle for your practice:.

Overdue Hygiene & Treatment Plan Scheduling

Maximize patient retention and boost practice revenue by efficiently scheduling overdue hygiene appointments and treatment plans.

Appointment Confirmation & Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve patient satisfaction with automated appointment confirmations and reminders that keeps dental patients on track.

Insurance Eligibility, Verification, Billing & Claims

Streamline your billing process and accelerate payment by leveraging our insurance eligibility verification and claims management services.

New Lead Follow-Up

You spend thousands in marketing to capture new leads. We’ll help convert those leads into loyal patients and increase practice growth by utilizing our expert follow-up procedures to ensure no lead is left behind.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize your practice’s financial health with comprehensive revenue cycle management services that improve cash flow, reduce denials, and minimize administrative burdens.

Inbound Call Handling

Our virtual dental receptionists don’t just answer your calls but also manage them, take messages, and route them as needed to ensure smooth operations..

Stop Running From Your Practice

We’ll Handle The Paperwork

Do you ever feel like you’re running away from your own practice? Are you tired of the endless paperwork, administrative tasks, and revenue management that comes with running a dental practice? You’re not alone. At DentVia, we understand the frustration you feel. That’s why we’ve created a solution that lets you focus on what you do best – treating patients. We handle the rest. Our team of virtual dental assistants takes care of everything from overdue hygiene and treatment plan scheduling to insurance eligibility verification and billing, so you can have peace of mind and more time to focus on your patients.

You don’t have to keep running away from your practice. DentVia is here to help. As specialists in revenue cycle management, lead generation follow-up, and appointment confirmation, and our team of virtual dental receptionists is always available to take care of your inbound calls. With our 100% HIPAA secure services and a commitment to valuing your patient relationships as much as you do, you can trust that we will help you grow your practice, streamline your operations, and increase profitability.

Lighting Fast. Real Time

Virtual Work. On Site Speed

In the past, the idea of working with a virtual assistant may have seemed daunting to many dentists due to concerns about the perceived inefficiencies of remote work. However, with the advanced technology available today on our phones, tablets, and desktops, working with DentVia’s virtual dental assistants is just as efficient as having someone physically in your office. In fact, our virtual assistants are lightning-fast and offer real-time virtual work, ensuring that you can access the support you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Not only is working with DentVia efficient and easy, but it also eliminates the need to provide in-house resources and overhead, making it a cost-effective solution for dental practices of all sizes. By choosing DentVia, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re getting top-notch administrative support without the hassle of having to manage in-house staff. So, if you’re tired of running your practice while juggling administrative tasks, let DentVia handle the paperwork and experience the benefits of real-time virtual work at on-site speed.

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Before this, I just had a team that was bogged down by the back end paperwork of dentistry. DentVia has made my team's workflow and my own workflow as a dentist a lot easier. We have more efficiency and better experience for the patient and more face to face time with us as the team.

Dr. Alex Shore, D.D.S.


DentVia people are just amazing! You won't even know, once they get onboarded with you, they are somewhere else. Communication is on the spot, there is NO lag. It was amazing how much my front desk had help. I say "get it, right now!"

Dr. Nazish Jafri, D.D.S.