Virtual Dental Receptionist

A virtual dental receptionist from DentVia is trained to be seamlessly integrated into your office and workflow. Most of your patients won’t even know they’re talking to someone virtually. In addition, with a remote or virtual dental receptionist, you can free up your in-house office team to provide even better patient care or additional office tasks to help grow your practice.
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Virtual Dental Receptionist Solutions

DentVia’s virtual dental receptionists are highly trained professionals who are trained to handle a wide range of responsibilities and provide specialized expertise in these key areas:

Scheduling Hygiene & Treatment Plans

We’ll efficiently manage the scheduling of hygiene and treatment plans ensuring smooth coordination between your practice and patients, allowing for optimized treatment timelines and improved patient satisfaction.

Appointment Confirmations & Reminders

Experience streamlined appointment management with DentVia, ensuring timely confirmations and reminders that reduce no-shows and improve patient attendance rates.

Insurance Eligibility & Verification

Optimize insurance processing with DentVia’s expertise in eligibility verification, accelerating claim approvals and reimbursement for a smoother revenue cycle.

Following Up With New Leads

Maximize lead conversion rates by leveraging DentVia’s diligent follow-up strategies, ensuring no opportunity is missed to grow your patient base.

Inbound & Outbound Call Handling

Enhance your customer service and practice efficiency with DentVia’s comprehensive inbound and outbound call handling services, providing personalized and professional support.

Revenue Cycle Management

Streamline revenue cycle management with DentVia’s meticulous attention to detail, reducing billing errors and optimizing cash flow for improved profitability.

Medicaid Eligibility & Verification

Ensure hassle-free Medicaid eligibility verification with DentVia’s specialized expertise, eliminating administrative complexities and ensuring accurate reimbursement.

Custom Administrative Tasks

Delegate custom administrative tasks to DentVia, allowing your team to focus on patient care while enjoying efficient and reliable support tailored to your practice’s unique needs.

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Benefits Of Using Virtual Dental Receptionists

By using a remote dental receptionist from DentVia, your in-office receptionists can provide more personalized assistance to patients in your office. It also saves costs by reducing the number of receptionists needed in your practice while delivering onsite and remote high-quality receptionist services.

To learn more about how a remote dental receptionist from DentVia can make your practice more efficient, give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions. Start saving and schedule a consultation today!

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